Virtual Data Room Features

Data rooms are characterized by numerous useful features that make the process of data storage and distribution easier. The following features can be found in VDR solutions:

Bulk upload in any type of format

The Drag&Drop option allows users to upload numerous files simultaneously or every document separately. In this regard, you won’t need to install any additional software. Instead, you’ll have a chance to easily upload any files to the VDR instantly and quickly. There are no limitations regarding the size of files or their quantity. It takes only several seconds to finish the process and upload all files to the system. What’s more, you can upload files of absolutely any format, and you won’t have to reconvert them into another format before you download the documents. The files will be converted in the PDF format on their own accord so that you’ll be able to view them using the Internet browser. The best part about it is that you won’t need any extra software tools to perform this procedure, and the management of files will not take too much effort or time either.

Numerous security tools to ensure complete protection of documents

To protect the documentation from unauthorized viewing, it is possible to restrict the accessibility of files. Users will be able to see just some part of the document while the rest of it will be protected and not available for viewing. What’s more, documents in the data rooms are protected with high-end encryption technologies that allow giving access rights only to certain users and prevent others from downloading or accessing sensitive data. Watermarks can also be enabled and customized according to your personal needs. They can be added with a user name or the date when the document was accessed so that you’ll gain full control over the protection of files. Finally, you’ll be able to use antivirus software to guarantee that no documents contain viruses that may cause harm to the data uploaded to the system.

Reporting system for easy tracking of user activity

You can easily track what changes have been made in the particular documents contained in the system through a special reporting mechanism. Every action performed in the VDR can be recorded and tracked. Therefore, you can easily investigate the activity of users and see what they have been looking for in the data room. You can see what they printed, viewed or downloaded so that every aspect of their activity is monitored and reported. It is also possible to see how long a particular user has been looking through the content of the VDR. What’s more, the group activity can also be checked. You can discover how many users were invited and how many of them logged into the system. Apart from that, you’ll be able to see the number of queries sent by each user. This will give you an advantage in terms of data security and accessibility of files.

Q&A section and real-time discussions to improve collaboration within the company

When using the FAQ option, you’ll be able to create a list of the most widespread queries and answers so that the data room users could understand how to work with the system correctly. This feature may also serve as a very convenient tool for letting other team members know the major details about your deal. Besides, you’ll be able to use the live discussion feature which represents a secure real-time forum which has its access permissions that may vary from one person to the other. As a result, authorized users will be able to initiate private discussions and ask the administrator some questions. What’s more, when a user posts some question, they can select the field of expertise to which it belongs, such as marketing or legal one, so that administrators could be able to use the assistance of experts to clarify the subject under discussion.

Easy management of users

When working with a data room, you’ll be able to invite users either one by one or several users simultaneously. It is also not hard to personalize the user access to the VDR and let them get notifications about new documents that have been uploaded. User permissions can also be established so that the data room integrity will be enhanced many times. You may also manage numerous users by separating them into different groups according to the level of access that each of them has about the data room features. To simplify this process, you can assign different roles to each participant and give them a set of different privileges. It is also easy to send email alerts about the files that became outdated or archived as well as those that were deleted from the system.