Merrill Datasite

Although Merrill has long been part of the financial segment, it entered the data room sector not very long ago. Therefore, it can be assumed that it has not yet fully developed in the sphere of VDRs in comparison with other vendors. However, even today, Merrill data room solutions demonstrate that this provider has a significant edge over its competitors in many respects. That’s because they do not just concentrate their effort on safe document sharing and storage solutions but also try to offer many other useful services.

Benefits of VDR Solutions by Merrill

If you are in search of a data room service for M&A, financial procedures or other business processes, you may find the solutions of this data room provider very useful and beneficial for your business. They have a few competitive specifications that you may find especially attractive. These include the following ones:

  • The premium level of safety guaranteed;
  • This platform is very easy to use and navigate;
  • You’ll have a chance to control user permissions and access to data;
  • You’ll get instantaneous reports about any activity in the data room;
  • Customer support is very reliable and helpful.

Even if you have not yet tried out the features of this data room vendor, you might want to be confident that this provider will guarantee the absolute security of documents. Luckily, Merrill is one of those virtual data room providers that take care of this aspect to the full extent by offering top-level encryption technology coupled with antivirus software and other useful safety options. It can be assumed that the VDRs of this developer cannot be more secure than they are now. That’s because together with the strictest security measures, they offer two-level authentication and limited permissions granted to users with the view to preventing the unauthorized access to data. This guarantees complete dependability of this virtual data room provider regardless of circumstances.

Industries where Merrill Services Can Be Used

Similarly to some other exemplary VDR vendors, Merrill are trying to position themselves as real professionals in the segment of data room services. They even call themselves the industry leaders in the VDR sector as they have a myriad of customers all over the world and take care of over 6 thousand deals a year. Due to a very good reputation of Merrill Datasite in the sphere of finance, they continue to host many serious transactions in this segment and majorly focus only on the financial industry. 

Merrill’s goals include:

  • To improve business communication;
  • To ensure safe collaboration within the corporate environment;
  • To facilitate the management of workflow making it more productive.

As a result, it can be suggested that Merrill virtual data room solutions will be especially useful for financial organizations so that they can concentrate their effort on facilitating the business processes while the management of data is left to professionals. Some users may find the VDRs of this vendor too basic and lacking some innovative characteristics unlike the solutions of other providers working in this sphere. This is partially true because Merrill’s data rooms are customized to the needs of financial companies that are majorly involved in M&A transactions. Therefore, their solutions are best suited for such segments as investment banking and do not have wide application in other industries. Nonetheless, what makes Merrill stand out among other data room providers is a very helpful and dependable customer service that works 24/7 and is available in 14 languages.


For the most part, Merrill cooperates with wide-scale companies and claims to be the world’s leader in this kind of segment. It continues to assist numerous clients globally, and its VDRs are largely used for handling complex projects. This also explains why the prices for their services are relatively high.