Intralinks Data Room

Nowadays, secure data storage is no longer a myth as digital repositories have long replaced the traditional physical ones. In this respect, Intralinks remains one of the most dependable data room providers oriented at diverse business segments and wide-scale projects. The VDR technology of this platform turns out to be especially helpful during the M&A process and due diligence along with such segments as the legal sphere and financial operations. Their software is fast and very easy to navigate while the setup will not take too much of your time or effort. Their solutions are intended for making the workflow smoother and ensuring better protection of data in all situations.

Features on Offer

Similarly to numerous other virtual data room providers, the VDR software of this vendor is meant to accelerate the business processes at all phases including the preparatory stage and actual completion of a deal. This becomes possible due to multiple useful features guaranteed to users by this developer. They include the following ones:

  • Dependable customer service that offers quality help with minor problems which you may face throughout your work with Intralinks VDR software. They work 24/7 so you can reach out to them at any moment;
  • High level of safety and maximum protection are ensured in all situations due to the use of special tools and instruments for keeping data safe including the top-level encryption innovation;
  • Exclusive design and surprising convenience are also guaranteed to clients as the VDRs of Intralinks are user-friendly and not hard to use;
  • Even though Intralinks virtual data room is well-protected, you’ll be able to start the work with your data room in a matter of a few minutes. All that’s needed is to fill out personal details and create a password which is secure and maximum reliable;
  • It is easy to improve the due diligence process by structuring and handling data with the use of contemporary AI technologies;
  • It will not take much effort to let your investors or partners gain access to the relevant documents that are stored in the VDR in a good order being distributed among folders and subcategories.

What’s more, you’ll also be able to get regular reports on all the deals, transactions, access to files and changes made in the documents so that you’ll keep track of the activity with ease. All this allows suggesting that Intralinks Datasite surpasses its competitors in many respects offering an intense level of protection, surprising convenience and top-notch reliability in all circumstances.

Where Intralinks Technologies Can Be Used?

No matter what kind of deal you are engaged in, services Intralinks are going to take your business to a whole new level. Similarly to other reputable vendors, the team of experts behind Intralinks offers maximum support and a full set of services in the following spheres:

  • M&A deals. This vendor offers maximum assistance throughout the process of due diligence preparation. As a result, you can no longer worry about the security of data related to your transactions as all deals can be completed safely and reliably if you use the software of this data room provider in your business operations;
  • Investment banking. It is not a hard task to protect your files and exchange valuable data securely using the data rooms of this vendor;
  • Fundraising. You will be able to facilitate the process of raising funds and execute all related tasks with no trouble.

All this proves that this virtual data room provider offers trusted solutions for any type of business.


In case you are looking for a good way to facilitate your business activities, Intralinks will be a perfect option as they have long-term experience in the segment of VDR technologies.